Patient Information Forum

Patient Information Forum

Friday 8th February 2019

Heart Valve Voice has recently joined Patient Information Forum (PIF). A UK membership organisation and network for people involved in healthcare information and support. Helping us stay better connected!

PIF is a platform for patient voices from all disease areas and as a patient led charity, we feel that our membership with them will be an extension of our mission to have the patient voice at the centre of our values. PIF is one step in our mission to expand our support network for patients and our work to share valuable health information to all those who support us.

PIF started as a small group of patient information professionals, who wanted to support each other, share the work they were doing and learn from each other. The forum welcomes members from all different sectors; very large international companies to small health charities, national health departments, researchers and freelancers. PIF offers us a way of sharing and developing health information for our patient volunteers. It plays an important role in the development of future work on health literacy, shared decision making, patient experience and reducing health inequalities through raising standards and improving access to health information for all.

Staying better connected helps us to provide the information that heart valve disease patients need.