Tuesday 5th July 2016

​On the 5th July Heart Valve Voice will hold a House of Commons testing event with MPs to raise awareness of heat valve disease

The Heart Valve Voice team will deliver a parliamentary drop-in and check-up event to raise awareness of heart valve disease in the UK, which is kindly being sponsored by Tom Brake MP (Carshalton and Wallington) and Karin Smyth MP (Bristol South). It is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of what heart valve disease is, the number of people it effects, and what can be done to better diagnose and treat the condition, saving thousands of lives.

The event will be carried out in the House of Commons, and trained cardiologists will be on hand to offer both stethoscope and echocardiography checks to MPs, along with advice on what the results mean.

Wil Woan, CEO of Heart Valve Voice said “It’s hugely important that we continue to engage parliamentarians and policy makers to promote the use of the stethoscope and to work towards ensuring there is a clear and effective treatment pathway between primary care, secondary care and expert heart teams to ensure more effective management of the disease.”