Heart Valve Voice Awards

Heart Valve Voice Awards

Monday 3rd February 2020

As we begin the New year and World Heart Month has just started there is so much we can reflect on and be very proud of.

Looking through our Annual Report and 5 Year Report, the time, effort and creativity put in by so many people has helped to carry Heart Valve Voice to where it is now, and we believe that effort deserves recognition.

With that in mind, Wil and our Chairman Christopher Young sat down and selected a few people whose contributions to Heart Valve Voice over the past year were deserving of special recognition. We’ll be announcing awards for patients, clinicians and industry leaders over the next few days.

Patients are the voice which drive our work, giving us the power to help others receive the best care they can and have total confidence in their treatment. They also give us the power to change guidelines, helping us to shape the future of cardiovascular care. Most of all, they bring us great joy. We absolutely love having them around, taking them to conference, walks, bike rides or any activity where we can spend time with them. We want to thank all our patients for everything you have done for us this year!!

Clinicians take time out from their schedules to help us drive the conversation, giving us the technical expertise, which enhance the power of the work we produce, as well as improving the platform on which we can say it. This year many clinicians have helped with our reports, educational materials, campaigns and conferences and we want to thank them all for their work.

Ultimately, all the great work done by Heart Valve Voice is the result of an extraordinary collective effort on the part of so many. We wanted to give special recognition to a few people whose efforts stand out to us, but we wouldn’t be here without the incredible work of the thousands of people who have helped us this year. So, thank you.

Patient Advocate of the Year awards: Pat Khan, Brenda Walker, Alison Banayoti and Victor Hyman.

Surgical Advocate of the Year award: Mr Stuart Grant from Wythenshawe Hospital.

Cardiologist Advocate of the Year award: Dr. David Smith from Morriston Hospital.

Nurse Practitioner Advocate of the Year awards: Amanda Bott from St. Thomas' Hospital and Christina Bannister from Southampton General Hospital.

Primary Care Advocate of the Year awards: Dr. Chris Arden