Monday 14th September 2020

Today marks the start of Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week 2020, a week where our partners on the Global Heart Hubs’ Valve Disease Patient Council come together to raise awareness of this common, serious, but treatable condition.

This year we’re asking everyone to #ListenToYourHeart, and promoting stethoscope checks for all over 65s - the first, but most important step to early detection and timely treatment of heart valve disease.

We have an action-packed week ahead, starting with the release of the Global Heart Hub’s ‘European Heart Health Survey’ today, which found that only 5% had heard of the most common form of the disease, and only 28% receive regular stethoscope checks. Read more about the results of the survey here.

In the UK, we will be releasing the new edition of Heart Valve Voice magazine, which is full of information on signs and symptoms of heart valve disease, treatment methods, personal testimony from patients and much more.

We’ll also be hosting our virtual Patient Day #HVV2020, a day for everyone affected by heart valve disease to come together to learn more about the condition. On Thursday, experts from across the treatment pathway will be giving talks and answering questions on an array of topics. Click here to register your interest in the event.

Later in the week, we’ll be announcing the winners of our National Photography Competition, and on Sunday we will be inviting everyone to join us on our Mile Walk, where we will walking one mile to promote the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease.

Follow our updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. And this week, start a conversation about the signs and symptoms of heart valve disease - a simple conversation could save a life.