Wednesday 12th April 2017

Wil Woan, Chief Executive attended the British Heart Valve Society’s Core Knowledge Day in London.

The well attended BHVS event served as a resource of valuable information about heart valve disease for medical professionals.

It was wonderful to hear from Dr Guy Lloyd, Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Lead for Echo at Bart’s Heart Centre, who spoke to the group about the nature of the disease and provided an excellent overview of the most common forms of valve disease.

Wil took the time to speak to some of the medical professionals in attendance to introduce them to the work of HVV and to promote the importance of listening to the patient voice as they are the key to learning about valve disease first hand; the more we listen, the more lives we save.

Norman Briffa, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and Chair of BHVS said “It’s great to see patient societies like Heart Valve Voice at our learning events as it helps connect our understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of the disease with our patient community”

He added, “at BHVS we’re looking forward to working with Heart Valve Voice on a range of campaigns and projects to help address the low awareness of the disease throughout the UK”

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