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EHVDAD Planning Session

Friday 11th May 2018

This week the Heart Valve Voice team travelled to Switzerland to meet the the steering committee for the European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day. The meeting was arranged to discuss and plan the upcoming awareness day and review each of the participating country’s plans for commemorating the day.

The representatives from each country, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands and the UK, each unanimously agreed on a theme for the day which will be “The Power of Positive Ageing.” The theme will celebrate the fact that with the many advancements in treatment for valve disease people of an older age can receive treatment and in turn gain back a much improved quality of life. With treatment, many patients can carry on into their golden years and continue to enjoy the activities that they once did before their diagnosis.

“The Power of Positive ageing represents the patients across Europe who have been treated for their valve disease,” said Wil Woan, CEO, Heart Valve Voice UK. “We want to show that no matter your age, all patients should be given the option of treatment for their valve disease because with timely treatment many patients will be able to have a good long life.”

In addition to having representatives from the participating countries at the meeting the group was also honoured to have two patient representatives in attendance. The patients, Amanda Fairchild and Brenda Walker were able to provide us with input and insight from the patient perspective and in turn were provided with valuable information on the treatment options for patients and advancements in technology.

“These two days have been and excellent opportunity to learn more about the work of Heart Valve Voice and the European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day,” said Amanda, “It is going to be a great day and will provide an excellent platform for former patients like myself to learn more about the disease and to voice their concerns and experiences.”

As the 8th of September approaches Heart Valve Voice will be approaching patients and clinicians to participate in the day in London. If you would like to get involved or know of anyone who would be interested in attending please get in touch at