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Alan Tancred

Thursday 11th October 2018

Everyone who attended the recent exhibition for the finalists for the Patient Portraits: A New You photography competition at the Houses of Parliament we very impressed with the high quality of entries. But no one was more pleased and excited with the results of the competition than our Chairman Chris Young, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon at St Thomas’ Hospital.

He was taken aback by how successful all of the photographers were at depicting their patient’s lives after heart valve disease treatment. Their compelling images told the story of how their subjects navigated their new found quality of life and the joy they experienced doing the activities they loved.

One image in particular really stood out for Chris, as it really captured the pure essence of what it is like to overcome heart valve disease. The image was shot by our overall winner Eric Etchart and depicts his patient Alan Tancred as he descends onto the dance floor (his favourite pastime) confidently and defiantly.

“This image to me is what we’re all about here at Heart Valve Voice and the message that we’re trying to get across that a diagnosis of heart valve disease doesn’t have to mean a death sentence,” says Chris. “With the right treatment at the right time patients can return to their lives as good as, if not better, then before their diagnosis. In this photo I see Alan turning his back on a life where valve disease was slowing him down and walking towards a healthy future.”