Cameron and Phill

Cameron and Phill

Friday 20th August 2021

On September 12th, Cameron will run the Brighton Marathon to raise awareness of heart valve disease and raise money for Heart Valve Voice. Cameron is running for his dad, Phill, and the millions of people affected by heart valve disease in the UK. After Phill was diagnosed with the condition in 2019, heart valve disease has had a huge impact on Cameron and his family, and he now wants to raise money to educate others about the condition.

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Cameron said:

"Heart valve disease has caused a ripple effect in our family. It has seen the normal mundane tasks of life tinged with more difficulty. However,  the difficulties that come with a family member being unwell have allowed us to be more considerate about our health and well-being, as well as that of others. The experience has given us more appreciation for the things we take for granted - however cliche that sounds.

The driving force behind the marathon is purely to raise awareness of heart valve disease and Heart Valve Voice. Raising money for a cause like this is great motivation, especially when it’s more of an effort to get out and train. Before signing up to do the marathon, I never had any desire to do a marathon. Upon applying, I was hardly fit enough to run from the kitchen to the lounge, let alone a mile!

Now that we are over the £1500 mark for money raised, we can make a significant difference. The money raised will help raise awareness of the condition and make sure people know that they should get a stethoscope check if they feel breathless.

Typically, when raising money for the more prominent household name charities, the money raised merely goes into a big pot, and the difference isn’t noticed. But I know that with Heart Valve Voice, the money I raise will make a real difference and empower them to spread awareness of symptoms of heart valve disease."