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28 April 2020

At the very height of the country’s response to the COVID19 outbreak, George became unwell and was rushed to hospital unaware that the heart valve disease symptoms he was suffering were life-threatening.

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21 April 2020

In a statement from Heart Valve Voice and the UK’s professional cardiovascular societies, we highlighted a concerning trend across the UK showing the number of people presenting at hospitals with cardiac conditions has reduced significantly due to failures to act on the deterioration of symptoms and putting people lives at greater risk. 

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06 April 2020

Combatting COVID-19 is an extraordinary challenge, and to do our bit to combat the spread of the virus, the nation is being asked to stay at home. Staying in is essential as limiting our contact with others will reduce the risk of us catching the virus as well as passing the virus on if we are carrying. By managing the scale of the outbreak we reduce the strain put on the NHS and help them to save more lives.

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