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Monday 24th April 2017

While heart valve disease is a condition that most often affects an older cohort of patients, it can be found in anyone. Meet Ed Smith; Ed, in his late forties, found himself slowing down, getting breathless and lacking the energy that he once had. He had always kept himself fit and stayed quite active but as he got a bit older he was finding his usual activities were getting harder to do.

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Monday 3rd October 2016

​James McElwee, from King’s Health, is a retired Printer and Voluntary International Rescue worker. In 2004, aged 60, he underwent valve replacement surgery for aortic stenosis and in 2015 had his aortic valve replaced again. He has written this account to help more people to become aware of this condition, and help reassure valve disease patients of the positive outcomes of treatment.

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Wednesday 28th September 2016

​In 2006, Patricia had a brief problem with heart palpitations, which acted as a red flag and prompted her to go and see her GP for a stethoscope check. 10 years on, she explains her story and why a “stitch in time” really did apply to her valve disease!

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Wednesday 10th August 2016

​Sue, from Kent, was diagnosed with aortic stenosis in 2013. After a successful TAVI procedure she is now back to enjoying time with her grandchildren and gardening in her community. Read her story to find out more about her experience and her advice.

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Wednesday 10th August 2016

​Gerry Kijak is 63 and lives in Solihull with his wife. In February 2016, he underwent double heart bypass surgery and had an aortic valve replacement due to heart valve disease. His valve disease story is especially poignant and shows just how important it is to not ignore your symptoms.

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Thursday 4th August 2016

​Mike is a farmer from Lincolnshire, who has always been physically active. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur thanks to a routine check at primary school. Thanks to this early diagnosis, the condition could be monitored and treated. 25 years after his replacement, Mike is able to share his valve disease success story with us.

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Thursday 28th July 2016

​Helen had always been an avid traveller, but her mitral valve disease stopped that. Having lived in Bangkok for 11 years as a teacher, she was itching to get back to seeing the world. Now, after her surgery in July 2015, she reflects on her experience of valve disease, and the questions she wishes she’d asked sooner.

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Tuesday 21st June 2016

​Jan’s treatment pathway for her mitral and tricuspid valve disease was delayed due to misdiagnosis. Her poignant story demonstrates why Heart Valve Voice works tirelessly to raise awareness of heart valve disease, and the improved quality of life that treatment can offer.

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