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Help us change the conversation about heart valve disease. Heart Valve Voice is campaigning for the early detection, improved recognition and optimal treatment of heart valve disease across the UK which can start with a simple stethoscope check! Give your voice to our campaign. We are not asking for financial donations, or even active time commitment, simply support.


Change is needed because:

  • There is an inadequate use of the stethoscope to listen to patients' hearts which results in patients not receiving optimal treatment, with late diagnosis, low levels of referral to specialists within multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) and late treatment
  • There is a persistent treatment gap; evidence suggests at least 30% of those with severe forms of heart valve disease are left untreated
  • The UK persistently lags behind other European countries when treatment of heart valve disease is compared

The knock-on effects of under-diagnosis, low referrals and under-treatment are the missed opportunities to improve quality of life and lengthen life for many people.

Those with heart valve disease deserve the new lease of life that treatment provides.

We do not share you information with any other parties or organisations.

Give a voice

How it works

We use only your location as evidence of support to our cause when speaking to MPs, GPs and policy makers. The more people we can state have actively spoken out against the under-diagnosis and under-treatment of heart valve disease, the more people will listen. The more we listen, the more lives we save!

200 voices in Hereford are calling for MPs to tackle the low rates of heart valve treatment compared to other European countries!
300 voices in Cornwall have asked their local MP to ask Parliament about the persistent treatment gap across the UK
160 Voices in Middlesborough have called for policy makers to promote equality in access to treatments across the UK