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PDF file icon Virtual Appointment Guide.pdf Virtual_Appointment.pdf 22/02/2021 603.35 KB
PDF file icon Symptom Tracker.pdf Symptoms_tracker.pdf 21/07/2020 558.76 KB
PDF file icon Survey 2017.pdf Survey_2017.pdf 21/07/2020 1,707.05 KB
PDF file icon Sue Patient Story.pdf Sue_Patient_Case_Study.pdf 21/07/2020 185.11 KB
PDF file icon Recovery Plan.pdf Recovery_Plan.pdf 21/07/2020 361.92 KB
PDF file icon Post-Treatment Checklist.pdf Post-Treatment_Checklist.pdf 21/07/2020 42.49 KB
PDF file icon Post Recovery.pdf Post_Recovery.pdf 21/07/2020 57.94 KB
PDF file icon Pat Patient Story.pdf Pat_Patient_Case_Study.pdf 21/07/2020 66.70 KB
PDF file icon Mini Leaflet.pdf Mini_Leaflet.pdf 21/07/2020 844.11 KB
PDF file icon History HVD.pdf History_HVD.pdf 21/07/2020 864.53 KB
PDF file icon Consultation Guide.pdf Consultation_Guide.pdf 22/02/2021 47.96 KB
PDF file icon Bill Patient Story.pdf Bill_Dean.pdf 21/07/2020 160.55 KB
PDF file icon 10 Surprising Things.pdf 10_Surprising_Things.pdf 21/07/2020 48.96 KB

Check out the multiple opportunities and information for patients. Heart Valve Voice holds various events for patients throughout the year and campaigns on social media that everybody can get involved with. If you want to be updated then follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. To keep updated on new videos, subscribe to our YouTube for more educational demonstrations delivered by clinicians across the UK.

Click on the link for the patient stories to see other patients' stories and their journey through the patient pathway.