Consultation Guide

Diagnostic Questions

  1. Is my heart murmur due to a leaky (Regurgitation) or tight (Stenosis) heart valve?
            What is happening in my heart?
  2.  What are the symptoms of the type of heart valve disease I’ve been diagnosed with?
  3. How severe is my heart valve disease?
  4. How often will I need echocardiograms to monitor the severity of my valve disease?
  5. Should I limit my physical activity due to my heart valve disease?
  6. What lifestyle changes should I make because of my heart valve disease?
  7. When do you think the appropriate timing is to treat my heart valve disease?
  8. Will I need some form of surgery or are there alternatives?
  9. Are there any medications that I should stop taking after being diagnosed with heart valve disease?
  10. Ask if I  can have a copy of my test results? (Consider taking a photo on your phone).
  11. Who is in charge of my treatment at this moment in time?