World Heart Day 2019

World Heart Day 2019

Sunday 29th September 2019

​Our CEO Wil Woan recently joined up with newly appointed Heart Valve Voice US charity Director John Lewis to discuss heart valve disease to celebrate World Heart Day 2019.

John was appointed in early September and brings an extensive background in patient advocacy, alliance development and public affairs. He recently headed his own health communications and advocacy consultancy having served in senior management positions with the Association of Clinical Research Organizations where he led policy development, communications, and government relations.

Wil said “I’m really looking forward to working collaboratively with John and developing campaigns to raise awareness of heart valve disease. I’m also very keen to develop a relationship where we can learn, share and support our individual initiatives both sides of the pond”

Wil and John discussed five key areas and you can read the transcript here:

What are the biggest barriers to heart valve disease treatment? More

Why do we have inequalities in access to treatments? More

Why is the role of the patient voice so important? More

What activities do Heart Valve Voice have planned for the coming months? More

Where do you see valve disease on the cardiovascular landscape over the next 5 years? More