This year, on Saturday, November 26th, Heart Valve Voice will hold a National Patient Day at the Excel Centre London. The day will be an opportunity for heart valve disease patients to come together from across the UK to learn, share and inspire one another.


Important - This event has been postponed until the new year due to a National Rail Strike. Please email for more information

Our National Patient Day will occur on the first day of London PCR, the UK's biggest Cardiology conference. It's free to attend. So, complete the form at the bottom of the page or email with your name, postcode and a summary of your valve disease experience, and a team member will get in touch. 

On the day, we will have expert speakers from across the valve disease pathway, with clinicians, advocacy experts, MPs, global opinion leaders, celebrities and more. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn how they and others can use their experience to improve the future treatment and care of heart valve disease. 

The event will run from 10 am until 2 pm, with light refreshments. 

See below for further details of the days' plans:

Session One

  • Speeches from clinical opinion leaders about the latest Heart Valve Disease developments
  • Speech from Wil Woan, who will talk about the latest Heart Valve Voice projects and campaigns
  • Speech from our Patient Ambassadors about their lived experiences and how they've supported other patients
  • Opportunities to ask questions

Session Two

We will then split into groups to discuss:

  • How can we use the Patient's Voice to raise awareness of the disease
  • How can we empower patients and clinicians to achieve truly shared decision making
  • How can we ensure patients can access the latest therapies 

Session Three

We then hope to spend thirty minutes talking about our petition to increase funding for the treatment of Aortic Stenosis. Sign here today



We will capture the day and share our findings with the media and the All-Party Political Group on Heart Valve Disease.

So email a member of the team today using the form below and attend the UK's only Heart Valve Disease Patient Day.