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Heart Valve Voice holds various events throughout the year that aim to raise awareness of heart valve disease and educate the public on the work that we do.

Heart Valve Voice events include fundraisers, conferences, clinical networking, screening days and more. Check back often for details and listings of our latest and upcoming events.

10 Nov 2017, 16:20
BSE Conference
24 Sep 2017, 16:18
PCR London Valves
22 Sep 2017, 16:21
The South Coast Summit will be a meeting involving clinicians, heart valve experts, patients and political figures brought together for a discussion that will provide a more detailed picture of the challenges and blockages to services that heart valve disease patients experience in the UK.
1 Aug 2017, 10:15
Following in the tradition of previous Heart Valve Voice Check Up events, the team at Heart Valve Voice will be hosting their 2017 check up event at the Emirates Old Trafford during England Cricket's England vs South Africa Test from the 4-8 August.