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Heart Health Survey

Heart Health Survey

We first commissioned a heart health survey in 2014. As a follow-up to our original survey, Heart Valve Voice recently commissioned a new survey among over 60s in the UK to understand awareness levels of heart valve disease; and how many over 60s are concerned about the condition. By examining results and comparing them with results in other European countries, the group was able to define the key areas to address in terms of support and education.

Heart Valve Voice conducted a media campaign, using the survey results, patient stories and healthcare professional commentary. The aim of the campaign was to highlight the lack of awareness and concern in the UK over 60s in regional areas where the survey was conducted. The campaign was successful in reaching readers of all ages and demographics and raised awareness of the key symptoms to look out for. Click here to download our 2016 Heart Health Survey Results infographic which illustrates the key findings from the UK survey.